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I am a published author!

July 2020

After 11 months of hard work, doubts, excitement, motivation, fear, and hope, I can officially say I am a PUBLISHED AUTHOR. A Day of Humanity came out last week and is now the #1 New Release in Poetry Anthologies on Kindle.
If you have a goal, find the people who are going to lift you up and push you to reach it.
For me, that dream was writing a book. With the help of Eric Koester at the Creator Institute and Brian Bies at New Degree Press, the support of my family and friends, and the openness of all those who shared stories with me, my goal of writing a poetry book is officially complete! ✔️
Check out A Day of Humanity on Kindle for $0.99 or as a paperback for $14.95 on Amazon:

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