Clough Art Crawl Spring 2020

Kite Strings, a poem from my book, A Day of Humanity, inspired by a story told to me by Alex Scearce is on display at the Georgia Tech Clough Art Crawl until July 2020. This poem means a lot to me because of the strength in the children’s interactions. There is no force stronger than love. So often, we are scared to reach out because of what separates us. Underneath this perceived separation, however, is a current bringing us all together. Sometimes, we need children to remind us of this, and sometimes we need poetry.

Kite Strings

I am passing fields of flowers;
yellow and purple meld together
as the train speeds past.
In the meadows I am following
with my soul on a kite string
billowing in the excitement of
the destination to come.
Up in the clouds,
I’m lost in my mind.
Until two toddlers bring me to the ground,
pulling my kite string back to the now.

They both are with their families
waddling down the aisle
toward the other.
The family before me,
blue eyes and blonde hair,
with alluring Australian accents,
moves confidently to the back of the train.
The family behind,
perfect eyebrows and dark brown hair,
with calming Castillian cadences,
sashays to the front.

The adults ignore the others
because their languages present
a barrier,
but the toddlers know neither
and connect together.
They smile and wave
and any tension dissipates.
This wall their parents had built
melds with my kite string
and we are all connected
and present,
thanks to two toddlers
who know nothing but the language of love.

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