A Day of Humanity

A Day of Humanity is a heartwarming collection of poems intended to highlight the similarities that we all share as human beings. After witnessing the pain of loneliness and isolation, author Brady Bove set out to explore the intricacies of the human experience and community. She gathered touching stories from a wide variety of people — stories of anxiety, of love, of childhood pains, of friendship. She now shares these experiences in a selection of fifty-six stylistically unique poems. Readers will live through three chronological sections — morning, day, and night — as they learn to appreciate the tumultuous journey of life and are reminded that, no matter where they are, they are never really alone.

I chat with Professor Eric Koester about my book, A Day of Humanity! (7/28/2020)
Excerpt from A Day of Humanity
I read one of my “books” from childhood!
Clough Art Crawl Spring 2020
I’m going to dye my hair!
An excerpt from the poem, “Waterfall”, featured in A Day of Humanity
Poem Title Preview –
to be in the Night portion of my book!
I read one of my “books” from childhood! Part 2
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my campaign!

I dyed my hair!

An excerpt from the poem, “Fear Parks”, featured in A Day of Humanity

More about my book:

A Day of Humanity is a poetry book that shares people’s stories and highlights our connections with each other. The book is separated into stories in the Morning, Day, and Night, so that as you read it, you are walking through A Day of Humanity.

My name is Brady Bove and I am the author of A Day of Humanity. I wrote this book because I believe that in the end we are all so much more the same than we are different and it is our interactions—with ourselves, with others, and with the world—that make us human, and there is beauty in it. There is beauty in humanity, a beauty in knowing and being known.

My hope is that, in reading this book, you will find a connection. In this book, I desire for you to know you are not alone and that every moment is an opportunity for connection. We are all trying in life, and every moment is an interaction with each other and with the world. We are all under the same sunrise, sky, and sunset. And then ultimately I hope you can take away a greater appreciation for your journey through life, for others, and be reminded that, no matter what, you are not alone.

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