March 2019 – April 2019

Collaborators: Neal Gandhi, Andrew Payton, Jennifer Ternullo

Average Muscle Activation in Gastrocnemius Muscle of 17 Georgia Tech Students (n=17) during Shod and Barefoot Running

Our project started by researching current study results to determine what we wanted to look further into. After reading about the results of Tam et. al in the “Biomechanical analysis of gait waveform data: Exploring differences between shod and barefoot running in habitually shod runners”, we wanted to see if this difference could be seen between the amount of muscle activation. We built an EMG device to measure muscle activation, validated our device, and designed an experiment to test our hypothesis. After performing a one-sided paired t-test with our data, we obtained a p-value of 0.2709 which fails to reject our null hypothesis. While we were unable, in our experiment, to find evidence indicating a difference between the two running states, we were able to take away key insights about the importance of controls, verification, validation, and the scientific method, as well learn more about the experiment design process as a whole.

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