Patient Experience in Cardiac Services

Patient Experience in Cardiac Services

With Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

January 2019 – May 2019

Collaborators: Rachel Fratt, Maggie Martin, John Wagner, Noah Perry, Jenny Choi, Bridget Ballard, Vikram Varadarajan, Taylor Spuhler, Shannon Owens

Faculty Guide: William Todd

Patient Journey

Our team spent August 2018 – December 2018 taking Management in the Healthcare sector learning about Public Health, Health Information Systems, Health Insurance and Finance, Patient Experience, and Future Trends in Healthcare with Professor William Todd. We then joined Professor Todd in a practicum course to map the Cardiac Patient Journey for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and to identify gaps in care and solutions to improve. We interviewed and observed staff, patients, and families and read literature to build our knowledge base around Children’s. We identified 7 high impact and low effort problems and provided possible solutions for Children’s to implement through changes to People, Process, and Technology. We then presented our observations and suggested solutions to our stakeholders at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. They were very amenable to our suggestions and portrayed a desire to follow through with some of them. Not only were we able to make a difference in the lives of children through this project, but we were also able to gain intimate knowledge of the hospital environment and of how the patient experience is a leader in design considerations.

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