Where Engineering and Poetry Connect

I work as a Optimized Operations Engineer at 3M after Graduating from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, minor in Leadership Studies, and Certificate in Cognitive Psychology.

I am a published poet, speaker, and write commissioned poetry.

I believe engineering is poetry

I believe that engineering and poetry are related. In both, we are expressing a truth. For me, with engineering, I am using scientific truths to create solutions. With poetry, I am sharing the truth of the world that has been shown to me through my experiences. In everything I do, I aim to combine the lessons I have learned from engineering as a Georgia Tech graduate and 3M Optimized Operations Engineer and from poetry as a published author. It is with this unique perspective that I tackle everything I do. I solve problems with math and technology, communication and empathy.

I am self-motivated, but just like any flower, I require the right environment to thrive. If I am not constantly pushing myself to be my best, I will not be able to support others in being their best or make an impact on the most lives possible.